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NWH3A Drinking Club with a Running Problem

Founded 11 Nov 1984 by Brian Gray. Mother Hash: Cheltenham and Cotswold

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An Ode to Hashing

Written and performed by Bonio at the Shakespeare Weekend
in Stratford, 19th April 2014

To hash or not to hash, that is the question….
Is it nobler to turn out on a Sunday to get wet and muddy
or to stay in bed and sleep away the day…?
But no more sleep for us today… jump up and out of bed I say
for the hares have set a perfect trail
across the hills and down the dales.

We run and run through fields of mud and water
yet do not complain as we oughta….
for we know we shall get a down down for our pain….
Our legs ache, our feet are sore,
our glutes are complaining,
devoutly we wish to die, to sleep perchance to dream….
but no, we hear the on on call so no rest for us today.

That dread of undiscovered country- side
from which we return weary and tired.
We grunt and sweat and on we run dreaming of beer and chocolate!
Be patient though and time will come to rest,
to ponder at the beer stop…
to pause and reflect….why do we punish ourselves
to suffer at the hands of the hares
to run and run until we can run no more.

But wait that dread of something after death is coming to an end…….
The pub is nigh, the run is over ….
now time to enjoy a cool beer and banter with your friends.
The fools are scorned but rewarded with a beer…..
We all sing songs and chatter ….
life is good and thoughts return to next Sunday and doing it all again!