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Founded 11 Nov 1984 by Brian Gray. Mother Hash: Cheltenham and Cotswold

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Voting Run 23rd February 2013
Tawny Owl, Tawhill

The results of the NWH3 voting run for 2012 are as follows:

  • Harrier of the Year: Peacemaker
  • Harriette of the Year: Bonio
  • Run of the Year: The Bakers Arms, Somerford Keynes. Dozey & Woody
  • Worst Run of the Year: The Five Bells at Wickham, Rowenta & Miss Prim
  • Virgin of the Year: Jap's Eye and LMT

Hare Raiser Flicker has volunteered to take over as Hare Raiser from Peacemaker. I am sure he can count on everyone’s support over the coming year.

Well done to everyone for another great NWH3 year and a good old hash Xmas party thanks to Mildred. Thanks in particular to PM for all his hard work as Hare Raiser throughout the year and also Bonio for everything she's done for the hash this year.

The “Run of the Year" was and will be remembered as the wettest NWH3 run ever, Dozey's fishing expertise came to the fore in setting the run with Woody.

The "Worst Run" the Five Bells at Wickham was an unfair reflection on Rowenta and Miss Prim, who stepped in to cover for the Wanborough yobs who wimped out. Highlighting the dangers of "off trail improvisation" the run will be remembered for the Gamekeeper's eternal refrain " Get off my Land" and "don't you disturb my birds" reinforced by the subtle persuasive 12 bore, as well as the walkers getting lost! Women and maps!

"Virgin of the Year" became a joint award, and appropriately went to today's hares, Jap's Eye and LMT, well done to them.

This brings us to today’s run, despite the cold a great turnout for what became an excellent and inventive run and with a trail laid for the walkers! With an opening water hazard and plenty more water to come, little was heard of Package's eternal refrain “I wouldn't have set it this way" as he trailed in at the rear with the sweeper. A varied and convoluted trail of "medium" length resulting in a well deserved down-down for Mohamed and mean, vindictive and totally undeserved down-down for the GM. Any short coming in the amount of flour on the trail was however soon forgotten at the beer stop with Jap's Eye's home made brownies and cans of 6X. Hashers, as always, are easily swayed by alcohol and food.

Well done to everyone.

On On Babe

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